Accomplishing a solid foundation is crucial to becoming a great dancer in any style.

Classes are open to ALL ages (including adults) and for both boys and girls! If you are unsure about which class is the best fit, just contact us and we'll help you out.


Hip Hop classes offered at DanceFX Entertainment are built upon a base of hip hop and commercial jazz. These styles originated in the United States and evolved as part of the hip-hop culture. These styles incorporate rhythm, energy and lots of attitude.


Contemporary dance classes allow students to explore their creative and expressive side whilst improving their technique. Described as movement with meaning, contemporary is thought-provoking, beautiful, powerful, meaningful and everything in between.


Jazz is the perfect class to improve overall technique, coordination, flexibility and body awareness in the form of exercises, drills and progressions. It also improves performance skills and communication of intent, and how to be an entertainer.


Ballet is an exquisite art form that inspires strength, coordination and flexibility. Students learn the skills that underpin secure ballet technique, including core stability, weight placement, turnout and line, whilst continuing to nurture and encourage artistry and dynamic movement

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